Stanley Common

Live, enjoy, believe, aim high

Children’s Prayers

We hope that you enjoy reading a selection of prayers written by children in our school. 


Prayers written by Year 2 for Remembrance

A prayer for the soldiers
We won’t forget about soldiers
who died in the wars,
Because it is sad that they
died in the wars.
Brody – Year 2

Remembrance prayer
We will never forget the men
who died in the war a long time ago.
We will remember this on 11th of November.
Maggie – Year 2



Prayers written by Years 3 and 4 for our Harvest Service:

 Thank you God for the beautiful fruits and vegetables that you give to us at Harvest.

Thank you for the food which grows in farmers’ fields for us to eat.



Dear God,

Thank you for wonderful fruits and vegetables.

Thank you for the farmers who grow our food.

Thank you for the lovely golden leaves that fall off the trees.

Thank you for Harvest.

Thank you God for everything.



Prayers written by Years 5 and 6 for our Easter Service:

 Jesus is alive!

It’s Easter celebration

And Easter world wide nation

Friday was the day

When we all heard Jesus pray

Jesus was nearly dead

He had nails in his hand

And a thorn crown on his head

Up the hills of the land

He had to carry his cross

But all he had to do

Was just to simply prove

That he was the son of God



Jesus is alive

Thank you God for new life

Jesus is always by our side

Sacrifice is what he did for us all

For us, on a Cross

Every Christian believes he’s the light of our world

He rose again to prove he was the Son of God.



Jesus is alive

Dear Lord

The reason you died is so you can prove that you are the son of God

You came back to life and forgave all of the sins of people

So we thank you for that

You died so that others wouldn’t have to die

And thank you for the miracle of life.