Stanley Common

Live, enjoy, believe, aim high

Ethos and Values

Mission Statement

This is our life, this is our dream,
Working together, part of a team,
Together we will live,
Together we will learn,
Live, enjoy, believe, aim high.

The Aims of our School

It is the policy of Stanley Common C of E Primary School to provide equal access to all areas of the curriculum for all our pupils.  We aim to provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced with an emphasis on the basic skills which are intrinsic to every aspect of the curriculum and everyday life.

All staff share this responsibility and plan their lessons to ensure that support staff and volunteers also work towards this aim.  We are committed to ensuring that every child who attends Stanley Common C of E School has high expectations set for them.  Targets will be set for all pupils on an individual or group basis and will be shared with parents and carers as deemed appropriate.

We aim to provide a happy, safe, secure, stimulating Christian environment in which all members of the school community, children, staff and parents, can work as a team. We wish for our school to be somewhere that children can develop intellectually, physically and socially, grow in self-esteem and confidence and fulfil their potential as human beings equipped to live by Christian ideals in a multi faith society.

In learning together we aim to:

  • ensure that the children develop a positive attitude to school, right from the start, in a lively exciting learning environment;
  • provide the systems, structures and opportunities for the children to acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to today’s world;
  • develop a child’s independence and confidence, encouraging them to reach their full potential;
  • ensure the children establish caring Christian tolerant attitudes and relationships showing a healthy respect for themselves and others;
  • develop the children’s skills of communication, to stimulate lively enquiring minds and the ability to question and appreciate other points of view;
  • help acquire an understanding and appreciation of the local environment and of the wider world including respect for other people’s religious beliefs and values.

Stanley Common Primary School is a Church of England school.  Our Christian ethos provides a caring framework in which the children are challenged and motivated to grow and develop as individuals and become confident, rounded members of society.  Christian values underpin all that the school does.  The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteer helpers to share this commitment.