Stanley Common

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Remembrance Prayers and Poetry

A prayer for the soldiers
We won’t forget about soldiers
who died in the wars,
Because it is sad that they
died in the wars.
Brody – Year 2

Remembrance prayer
We will never forget the men
who died in the war a long time ago.
We will remember this on 11th of November.
Maggie – Year 2

Remembrance Day
BANG! Exploding flare gun pelted hysterically

Like the rain towards Tommies.
Petrified soldiers prayed and prepare

For dreadful and deadly war.
Where the foul odour of decayed bedoies,

Plagued the air, with the demonic tsunami;

Soldiers grasped for the gas masks.
Eyes bulged black as the world seemed to fade

With intoxicating gas creeping inside their lungs.


Calm… on a silent and still November morning,

Swaying leaves fall from the tree like a ballerina.

The air is filled with the lavish scent of lavender,
Hordes of civilians stand low with heads bowed

Remembering, praying and thanking as wreaths lay and poppies grow.

Day after day, on the 11th day, of the 11th month,

We will always remember them.

Brooke – Year 6


Remembrance Day

Gunshots boomed everywhere as the rain, in torrents,

Pelted down in the dirty, muddy trenches.

Tommies prepared, patiently waiting

With their rifles at the ready.

Soldiers smelling the pungent odour,

Dying, decaying bodies.

Arms flailed helplessly as one got shot.


Surrendering under the lime green, luminous fog.

Suffocating trying to find their mask

As the world slowly closes its curtains.

It was the END!


On the 11th of November, when all the war is finished.
We stand still to hear the peaceful sound of birds tweeting.

Many people stand there in remembrance of

The millions who have died, head bowed, eyes closed,

As they pray.


We will remember them…

Lewis – Year 6


War Poem


Injured men, wailing deliriously in excruciating pain.

With rifles at the ready the soldiers spied for enemies

Like bald eagles looking for prey.

The punjent smell of putrid, decaying dead bodies

Which nibbled away at the traumatised soldier’s noses.



Attempting to scream for help as your partner gasped for aur

Whilst the world slowly closes off.



The sound of mortars exploding  deafen the Tommies down,

The collapsed, as the demonic gas glided over the injured

And dead soldiers and into all wounds.



In the frosty field on a cold November morning,

When all the world is still.

When the sky is filled with the scent of lavender

Drifting under their noses.

Many people stool, heads bowed,

Praying for two minutes.

George – Year 6


War poem

Young and old, men and women fought

As pungent water (mixed with blood) stabbed through their nostrils

Whilst the sound of bullets rained from the sky, shells were exploding.


People prayed for their life as tear gas emerged from the fog

As Tommies stumbled hastily stretching to reach for their gas masks.

As for the ones who didn’t make it.

The earth felt like it ceased to exist.


Rain punched soldiers as the screeched in agonising pain

As other traumatised soldiers smelled pungent decaying flesh.


Remembrance; people bow their heads

Aat the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

They have a 2 minute silence.

We now see lush trees and grass

As young birds twitted in the baby blue sky.


We will remember them.

Leland – Year 6


Some people

Ice cold rain banging on the roof.

In the trench there is always someone suffering.

Some people are getting their guns ready to shoot. Bang! Boom!

Some people are really scared so they are screaming.
Some people are petrified so they have no words.

It always rains and then some people get really cold.

And some other people are keeping on going.

Some people are skipping while some people are shouting.

Most soldiers don’t get a lot of sleep there.

Tiana – Year 6


Soldiers are dying

Rain crashing down in the trenches.

The missiles screeching down.

Smells dead rats, dead slugs.

I would die in shock and panic.

I can hear bombs and banging.

The soldiers are dying in no-man’s land.

Soldiers are dying.

Ashton – Year 6