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Covid-19 School Closure

As you may well be aware, the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has announced a national closure of all primary schools in England and, as a result, schools will be moving to remote learning from tomorrow. Therefore, only Critical Worker children whose parents cannot work from home and those classed as vulnerable outlined in the government guidance will be able to attend school until further notice.

Please note: School will be closed to all pupils tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January, so that staff can prepare remote learning materials and to organise places for eligible children.

If you believe that you are a Critical Worker and you would like to request a place for your child, please complete this online form as soon as possible, and no later than 12:00 noon tomorrow.

We will confirm a place for your child by 5:00pm on Tuesday 5th January.

I fully understand how emotional this news will be for you all and my thoughts are with you. We will keep you fully up to date throughout this process and please don’t hesitate to contact the school should you require our support.

Your continued support, as always, is very much appreciated. We are very saddened that we will not be able to welcome our children back into school as planned and that our children will have to experience another lockdown. However, we are determined to work together to ensure that our lockdown experiences are as positive as possible.

Kind regards,

 Ian Reeve

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