Stanley Common

Live, enjoy, believe, aim high

This year our school is part of an exciting project called the i-Vengers. As part of this project, two of our pupils, Luke and Anna, have taken on the role of i-Vengers - champions of online safety. During the course of the year, they will be completing tasks and missions to help children, parents, staff and governors to gain a better understanding about how to stay safe online. 

Mission 1 - Meet the i-Vengers

The children's first mission was to lead an assembly to introduce themselves and explain who they are. Our iVengers chose to make a video for the classes to watch using a green screen and some special guests. You can watch it here:

Mission 2 - 12 Top Tech Tips for Christmas

Our i-Vengers set the school a task - to think about important safety tips for staying safe with the technology we may receive or use over Christmas. The i-Vengers have gathered together the tips from all of the classes and compiled their 12 Top Tech Tips for Christmas.

Mission 3 - Data Collection

This mission was all about finding out about what sort of things you do online. All of the children in school completed an online survey and we are using the results to make sure that, when we teach you about Online Safety in school, the lessons are relevant to the apps and websites you use. 

It's great to see that lots of you have online safety rules at home and most of us are confident about who to tell if something online upsets us. 

We noticed that a number of children in school are accessing games and Apps that are not aimed at their age group.  This included Tik-Tok and Fortnite.  

As we found out that many of us used YouTube regularly, our Mission 4 film is all about how to stay safe on YouTube. 

Mission 4 - Video for Parents (Staying Safe with YouTube)

For Mission 4 we had to choose a game or app that was being used by lots of the children. We chose to make a video for parents about YouTube explaining why it's good, but how to keep safe whilst using it.