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The mathematics teaching at Stanley Common C of E Primary School is geared towards enabling each pupil to develop within their capabilities; not only the mathematics skills and understanding required for later life, but also an enthusiasm and fascination about maths itself.

We aim to increase pupil confidence in maths so that they are able to express themselves and their ideas using the language of maths with assurance.

We are continually aiming to raise the standards of achievement of the pupils in Stanley Common C of E Primary School.

White Rose Maths

At Stanley Common we use White Rose Maths schemes of work and materials to support our teaching of mathematics.

The schemes of learning outline what children need to learn during each term to master the learning objectives laid out by the National Curriculum. Resources are differentiated and designed to be enjoyable, engaging and varied to help pupils develop a love of learning and work towards mastery,

At the heart of their resources and frameworks is the motto: 

“Everyone Can Do Maths: Everyone Can!”

The rationale behind this approach is helping children work towards maths mastery, encouraging a growth mindset in both teachers and learners. Our approach to teaching Maths means making sure all children have the same opportunities to learn and the support they need to fully grasp concepts. We also focus on making maths fun for children, helping them to find enjoyment in number problems. Because when children are engaged in learning and enjoying maths, and deep learning happens. 

White Rose Progression 

Calculation Policies

We follow the calculation policies aligned with the White Rose Scheme of Learning. In these documents you can see the methods and models used to teach calculation throughout the school.

Addition & Subtraction Multiplication & Division 

 Additional Information

Maths Policy 

 2020 Multiplication Tables Check - Information for parents